Below are a lost of projects that I have created using the Java programming language

Farming Bonanza

This is a Java game which I created for my Programming 2 Assignment. The objective is to make a profite by buying and selling liveestok for growing crops and herding animals on.

The GUI was created using the swing framework along with awt for event driven programming


Playable copy

A playable copy of this game is available by running the jar file found in the archive here>

Note: To open a jar file you must be using a desktop operating system that has the Java Runtrime enviroment installed. If you do not have Java installed it can be downloaded here>

Source Code

Source code for this program can be found on Github here >
Note: This repositroy is private. Access will only be given upon requesting an invite. Email me at for an invite.

Spin the wheel Game

This is another Swing-based Gui game where you have to bet on a number before spinning the wheel resulting in a random one being generated. The program is also network based and contains to separate programs. One for the server and one for the client.