Games I've Made

Toy Takeover

This is a game that I made as my first-year project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I worked in a student group called Sugar Glider Games.

The game is a wave-based first person shooter made in Unity usingC#. You control a toy soldier in a children's bedroom who has to shoot enemy soldier's and robots while while avoiding cars.

I worked on the game as the lead and only programmer. Source code can be found on Github upon request.

You can play this game by downloading it from by clicking the following link:

Cell Defender

This is a game that I created in Unity as part of the "Create with Code" Live course. the objective is to collect viruses with the white blood cell before they infect the red blood cells.

A WebGL version of this game has been created and can be found Unity play by clicking the button below.

Source project can be received upon request.

Lemonade Stand

This is a text based game written in Visual C++ the simulates a lemonade selling business. I made this as part of an online course at Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

Source code for this game along with an executable file can be found on Github.

You can download the game by clicking the button to the right.

Note: Running the executable file requires a copy of Windows along with the C++ Redistributable library in order to run.

Java Games

To see games which I have made in the Java Programming language click the button on the right.