About Me

My name is Paul King and I am a person who is very dedicated to computers and technology. I have an interest in computer science and how things work and like putting together applications with the use of code.

I have recently completed a bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at RMIT. I am looking for jobs in the area of software engineering and would like to work as a programmer and/or software designer. I am also happy to work in Software Testing as a first position.

My area of knowledge is quite broad, but I particularly have experience in Website Development and Programming applications in Java-like syntax.

My skills mostly revolve around the software and digital side of computers but I have done maintenance on my PCs at home on many occasions.

I have skills in using most of the Adobe Creative Suite, writing code in various languages, used some 3D modelling and game engine software and have a good all round knowledge with IT and Multimedia.

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