Blue Jay Foundation

I have been working on a website for Tracey Gottliebsen who is works at a Non-profit organization known as the Blue Jay Foundation.

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Sweat Hut Fitness and Sporting Club

This is a website I made as an assignment at RMIT for my unit in Web Programming. It is a website for a written in PHP for a ficticious fitness centre titled 'Sweat Hut Fitness and Sporting Club'.

For the php code used to make this site request access to the github repository.

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Cirlce 88

I made this website for Dana Topchian using WordPress

This website is no longer online.


Wishbone Canine Care

My responsibility here was to update and make changes to existing website for the Wishbone Therapy Farm (Formally The Wishbone Foundation or Wishbone Canine Care).The wishbone foundation is a non-profit charity for dogs and cats. I spoke to my client entirely through email as her location was not local.

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Lifespan Website

To create a business website for Lifespan – Modified Atmosphere Packaging. A department of packaging company Amcor. The sales manager Erik Adams was my client.

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