Toy Takeover

This is a game that I made as my first-year project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I worked in a student group called Sugar Glider Games. The game is a wave-based first-person shooter made in Unity using C#. You control a toy soldier in a children's bedroom who has to shoot enemy soldiers and robots while avoiding cars.

I worked on the game as the lead and only programmer. There were 8 people on my team in total as listed on the right.

Before I started production on this game I first had to write a technical design document which can be found here >

Below are some screenshots of the game. Click on one to enlarge.


Addison Heath
Lakai Ovens
William Mason

Paul King

Lachlan Hughes
Liam McAnally
Ryleigh Bannister
Tyson Tifere

Gameplay Video

Downloading this game

You can play this game by downloading it from Click the button on the right to view the page.

My Work on this game

To find out more about the work that did on this game as programmer and how I made it work, click the button to the right.

Source Code

The complete Unity project for this game is currently in a Github repository. If you would like to see the code I wrote for this game please click the button on the right.