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I am a programmer who has been studying game development at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I have been writing code for games in C++ as well as C#. I have also been using the Unity 3D Engine. Here you can find a portfolio of work I have done, my CV and links to other websites. Please use the navigation bar above and drop-down menus to navigate around this site.


About Me

I have just finished my second year at the Academy of Interactive entertainment Where I have completed an Advanced Diploma in professional game development. I have also completed a bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at RMIT. I am looking for work Ideally in the area of game development as a programmer but will accept all areas of software engineering. I also have some experience in software testing in the area of automation which I performed at a previous job.

My area of knowledge is quite broad, but I particularly have experience in Website Development, and the Unity 3D game engine and have been Programming applications in various languages, particularly C++, C# and Java.

I also have skills in using several Adobe programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere etc.

Some of the source code for my programming work can be found on GitHub under the following URL: https://github.com/king-paul

Recent Projects

Rise from The Ashes

A game that I made in a team for my major project at the Academy of interactive entertainment. I am one of two programmers in the team and we are making the game using the Unity engine.

Rise of the ashes is a real-time strategy game where the objective is to destroy the opponent's headquarters while defending your own. This is achieved by controlling vehicle units such as tanks via the mouse and sending them to the enemy base. The opponent in this game is an A.I.-controlled computer opponent.

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Featured Work

Rise From The Ashes

Toy Takeover

Procedural Generator

Cell Defender