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About This Project

This is a Procedural generation program I created that can generate 2 types of content. Dungeon or a cave.

The procedural generation algorithms were written in C++ and compiled into the DLL file which was is then imported into a Unity project as a plugin where the Unity engine renders a visual representation of the content.

Dungeon Generator

Dungeon Generator

This is a dungeon generation tool that I created that can create a dungeon every time the generate button is clicked by using two different methods: By generating the corridors first or by generating the rooms first. There are various settings that can be adjusted such as the corridor size and the walk length.

Algorithms used to generate the dungeon include Random Walker and Binary Space Partitioning

Cave Generator (In Editor)

Cave Generator

This is a tool that generates a cave in either 2D or 3D mode using various properties that can be configured. The generation can either use a fixed seed value or the value can be random each time the generate button is clicked.

Algorithms used to generate this cave include cellular automata with marching squares, mesh generation and flood flow algorithm.


A copy of the PC version of this program along with a web-based version that be used in this website will be available in the future.

Download This Application

A PC version of this application for Windows is available for download by clicking on the button to right. Download

How I did this project

For more information about how I made both the dynamically linked library that performs the algorithms as well as the application in Unity please click the button to the write.

Library Source code

To see the source code that I wrote in C++ to produce the DLL library click the button on the right.

Application Source

To see the source files for the Unity application the uses the library click the button on the right.

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