Rise From The Ashes

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About The Game

Rise of the Ashes is a game that I made in a team for my major project at the Academy of interactive entertainment. I am one of two programmers in the team and we are making the game using the Unity engine.

Rise of the ashes is a real-time strategy game set in a Russia-like environment during a nuclear winter. The game's objective is to destroy the opponent's headquarters while defending your own. This is achieved by controlling vehicle units such as tanks via the mouse and sending them to the enemy base. The opponent in this game is an A.I.-controlled computer opponent.

When the game begins the headquarters will generate resources in the form of steel and steel can be used to construct buildings or construct units from the vehicle bay once that has been built. There are other buildings such as the outpost and factory which also generate steel and increase your maximum unit capacity.

All code used to create this game can be found in a Github repository the will be provided soon.



  • Corey Hunt
  • Ashley Foster-Johnson
  • William Mason
  • Jay Tutty


  • Paul King
  • George Lamb


  • Brodie Dunn
  • Ethan Lomer
  • Logan Luckin
  • Michael Le


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Downloading this game

This game can be downloaded from Itch.io. Click the button on the right to visit the page.

Game Source

The entire source for this game is no github and the repository can be accessed by clicking on the button to the right

My Work on the game

To find out more about my work on this game as a programmer and how I made things work, click on the button to the right.