Game Programming Work

Student Projects

Throughout my studies as a game programmer at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, there were many assignments that I had to complete. Some of these assignments were small game projects. Click on one of the projects shown below for more information.

Rise From The Ashes

This is a real-time strategy game where the player controls The Separatists forces who are fighting against the Atlantic Empire, who after surviving the Bombs are trying to take control of what is left of post-nuclear Europe. More >

Toy Takeover

Timmy’s parents have bought him new toys. Fakes, knockoffs, copies, impersonators. Fight back, save your batteries, soldier.

There are 6 waves in total. Each wave gets progressively more difficult as you go on as the enemies become more plentiful. But hang in there, and you’ll reach the end eventually! More >

Procedural Content Generator

This is a Procedural generation program I created that can generate 2 types of content. Dungeon or a cave.

The procedural generation algorithms were written in C++ and compiled into the DLL file which was is then imported into a Unity project as a plugin where the Unity engine renders a visual representation of the content. More >

Other Games

Farming Bonanza

The objective is to make a profit by buying and selling livestock for growing crops and herding animals on.

This is a farming game that I created in Java. The GUI was created using the swing framework along with awt for event-driven programming. More>

lemonade stand

Lemonade Stand

This is a text-based game console program written in C++. It is a game that simulates a lemonade-selling business. The objective of the game is to reach the target income amount by making a profit from lemonade sales.

A zip file containing this game is available by clicking the "Download Game" button. You can also see the source code on Github by clicking the "View Source Code" button.

Cell Defender

This is a game that I created in Unity as part of the "Create with Code" Live course. the objective is to collect viruses with the white blood cell before they infect the red blood cells.

A WebGL version of this game has been created and can be found Unity play by clicking the button below.

Source project can be received upon request.